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Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, better known as La Seu, is not only the most iconic building in the city but throughout Mallorca. Indispensable part of Palma's skyline, all travel guides or representative city postcards have this wonder building. Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca is unique in its category, with single features not found in the rest European Gothic.
The feature that gives identity to La Seu is its status of unfinished monument. Indeed, its construction lasted for over 300 years, from the fourteenth century up to the seventeenth century. Since then, it has undergone new renovations and remodeling, the most important by the famous Catalan designer Antoni Gaudí in the twentieth century.
According to Its dimensions (122 meters long by 55 meters wide), Cathedral of Palma, designed within the parameters known as Catalan Gothic, differs markedly from other Gothic cathedrals. Externally, La Seu presents a more harmonious conception able to surprise, to a regular Gothic cathedral expected.
The Cathedral of Palma is unique, needless to say it.
It has the largest Gothic rose window, with almost 14 meters diameter it creates the interior light atmosphere. A magical spiritual atmosphere achieved through its stained glass and the Star of David.
The huge pillars also emphasize, very robust and enduring octagonal deck supporting the roof. The peculiarity is that has no detached columns, a very common element in the Gothic. Therefore, that architectonic show creates, at the same time, a great visual impact. As other Gothic cathedrals, this one is not looking for a light interior that conveys to lightness. The visitor receives an impression that is quite the opposite.
La Seu is always shocking to the art connoisseur that can admire the architectural feats, and to the nonprofessional, which overwhelm the intense spirituality of the interior.


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