Culture / The Gegants i Capgrossos

Los Gegants i Capgrossos

These figures are part of the Majorcan tradition, taking a very important place in popular feastes.
The earliest reference dating Gegants i Capgrossos is from 1630 and is located in Soller. Apparently they were acquired by the council of this town, and were responsible for animating the procession of Corpus Christi. 
A century later, in 1734, the municipality of Palma took the same idea to buy the first four pairs of giant, symbolizing the continents of the earth. But the pposition of the eclesiastical hierarchy made ​​them disappear soon after. 
In the early twentieth century there are new releasing air and Palma gets these figures back. The Tòfol and Francinaina gegants, the legendary couple of pageses, that now guards the entrance of the Town Hall of Palma on the Plaça de Cort, is then created.
Actually, these that can now be seen are not authentic, but it is a reproduction of the early sixties. In 1936 the couple of giants traveled to Barcelona to participate in the Universal Exposition, but the outbreak of the Spanish civil war prevented his return and since then his whereabouts are unknown. 
The whole story behind the figures obtained much popular support in the islands. In fact, since 1998 is held in Palma Trobada Gegants (program Sant Sebastià Festival) which involved giants and capgrossos from in and out of the islands. 
In the holidays they go out and participate in the joy of the people, from his immense height and curious costumes.