Culture / Battle of Moors and Christians.

Battle of Moors and Christians.    (May 11)
The main event of the celebrations simulates the battle that took place on May 30, 1550 against enemies led by the pirate Dragut. 
On August 2,  is celebrated the feast of the "Mare de Deu dels Angels" patron of Pollença , and the conmemoration of the victory of Christians over the Ottoman pirates of Dragut, that attacked the village in the night of 30 to 31 May 1550. 
The holiday begins at five in the morning, after the dance, when the band plays the Alborada. The celebration continues with a Mass in honor to the "Mare de Deu dels Angels" at 11:00 am, and the dance of the "cossiers" group of Majorcan dancers. 
In the afternoon, the action begins at the Place de l'Almoina where Joan Mas, leader of the Christians, meets with Dragut and his deputy, head of the Ottomans. So, at 19.00hs, after the famous cry of Joan Mas imploring the Virgin "Mare de Deu dels Angels assistiu-mos ja els pirates are HERE!" Occurs the expected encounter between Muslims and Christians and the battle begins. 
The Moors are receding down the Major street to get to Can Nogues, when the City Council Vella joins the Battle (character representing the old Mallorca governing body of the University). Arriving at the church of Sant Jordi, another combat is represented, in the name of the liberation of women, men and children. The battle continues until the old football field, where the final confrontation takes place. 
After the victory, Joan Mas takes the corsair flag with the crescent moon and goes to the parish with the rest of Christians, where a Te Deum is singed to thank the Virgin for the victory. The day ends with the interpretation in Major Square de l'Alborada, the anthem of the town Pollensa Visca and fireworks.