Culture / Fiesta de l'Estendard - Palma

Fiesta de l'Estendard - Palma   (December 31)
La Fiesta de l'Estendard held every December 31 in Palma, and celebrates the incorporation of Mallorca to the scope of European Christian kingdoms. 
The Fiesta de l'Estendard commemorates the entry into the capital of Mallorca troops of King Jaime I the Conqueror on December 31, 1229, marking the end of Muslim power in the islands. 
This party is declared as Intangible Cultural Property and is one of the oldest civil parties in Europe  dating from the thirteenth century. 
The events surrounding the celebration begin with the Proclamation of celebrations in the city of Palma. The next day, the institutions make a floral offering at the statue of Jaime I on España Square, where a concert and a popular festival is also celebrated. 
Already on December 31, the main and most traditional events are held. In the morning,  it is performed the placing of l'Estendard Conquest Real Mallorca and the crest of King Martí on Plaza de Cort. Subsequently, a large entourage consisting tamborers, cossiers, cavallets the Joch of Ministrils the Consell de Mallorca and the Palma Band, leaves to the Seu, where the Bishop officiates a solemn mass for Thanksgiving. 
At noon, shown in Colcada Pere La Cort d'Alcàntara Penya, a historical romance that describes the celebration of this party in the mid nineteenth century. 
After this event, the gold medals of the city are given and the appointment of the illustrious sons of the city of Palma is made.