Culture / Day of Mallorca

Day of Mallorca    (September 12)
Day of Mallorca hosts various institutional events and civic engagement activities such as concerts, conferences and sporting activities both sea and mountain. 
The September 12 National Day of Majorca is celebrated in commemoration of the oath that the King Jaume II made ​​in the year 1276 the 'Charter of Regne Franqueses i privilegis Mallorca'. This letter was a set of rights and benefits that the King granted to the kingdom of Majorca and became the legal basis of the community. 
The Franchises were exceptions to compliance with any standard or custom and the Privileges were rights exclusively granted to a region or city. So, King Jaume II of Mallorca, assured the Mallorcans a set of rights and freedoms that allowed them to live free from many burdens of the feudalism, spread to most of Europe. 
And to celebrate this day, the different Mallorcan institutions offer us a wide range of activities from early September.