Culture / Beata Santa Margalida

Feasts of the Blessed Holy Margalida.  (1st weekend of September)
This is one of the most popular holidays in the island of Mallorca and has been declared of touristic interest.
The celebration takes place in the town of Santa Margalida the first weekend of September.
Although the program of festivals and activities includes several days, Saturday is called "Dissabte of  the Blessed", in the afternoon a wreath is made on the monument to the Holy, and at night a popular festival is celebrated.
The next day, on the "Diumenge of the Blessed", the central day of the festivity. Very early, demons involved in the celebrations get together to walk the streets of the village waking up the neighbors with the sound of bells bearing pinned to their clothes. By midmorning a Mass is officiated and the demons wait outside the church for the Saint and her court (represented by a young woman and his companions) to begin his wanderings around. At night, a folk-religious procession is celebrated, with the participation of farmers and various carriages, depicting scenes from the life of the saint.
Hundreds of clay pots are distributed among the attendees, demons try to snatch their bearers to crash them at the feet of the girl who represents the saint.