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San Sebastian (January 20)
The patronage of this saint is due to its protection against plague. Saint Sebastiá was a captain who declared himself a Christian and was sentenced to death for it. Apparently his relic arrived to Palma by sea in 1523.
Although his day is the 20, the program of activities includes virtually the entire month of January, which joins the festival of Sant Antoni on day 16. On that night bonfires are lit to make torradas (barbecues), while the demons dance in the streets.
Torradas are also made the night before the feast of the saint, when many places of the city become a stage where bands play live surrounded by a crowd. Usually, everywhere you can hear a different style of music, whether rock, flamenco, jazz and traditional music.
The next morning, the day of Sant Sebastià a solemn service is held at the Cathedral.