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Palma City Council
Palma City Council has special charm. It is a seventeenth century building at Cort square, where cuts, curiae, lordships of the jurisdictional domains met to discuss different issues.
On one side of the square is the City Hall. A unique building that originally hosted the old Hospital Sant Andreu, founded in 1230, after Nunyo Sanç knight conquest. Beginning 1249, hosted The City and Kingdom of Majorca University.
The current City Hall construction started at 1649 and lasted during the mid-eighteenth century.
Palma City Council model reproduces the Majorcan three-story mansion pattern; the ground floor has two side portals, with baroque coats and a central platform with the popular name of “Tramp’s Bench” at the walk side, at the front top a clock known as En Figuera completes this wonderful building facade
The ground floor includes the old Hospital Sant Andreu Gothic portal and an imperial staircase leading to the first floor where you can meet the two giants at the Board. La Sala is the local name of the Palma City Council
Inside, also, you can find the Municipal Library and the Historical File of Mallorca.