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The Jewish Quarter of Palma
The Jewish quarter of Palma, named “Call” in mallorquín, is one of the most fascinating areas of the city. The streets hold such history that makes it unique. The malloquin Jews, as in many other parts of Europe, have traditionally been a discriminated minority named in Mallorca as “Xuetes”. This group faded because it was victim of pogroms and forced conversions, and with them, their artistic legacy. However, even today the memory of the Jewish community is present in most of typically Majorcan last names.
The Jewish district occupies the northeast quadrant of Palma, the area between Plaza Santa Eulalia and Porta d'es Camp. The axes of the old Jewish quarter are Sol Street, Montisión Street (name with obviously Jewish roots) and Seminari Vell Street. This is a very distinctive urban look area: quiet, narrow streets, some of them dead-end. Not surprisingly, “Call” means alley.
Due to Jews persecution, few artistic things remain to attest their presence. Without going any further, Montesión Church, which is one of the architectural jewels of the city, replaces an original synagogue. There are no remains of the wall surrounding the Call to segregate residents from the rest of the city. However, a walk through the intricate street layout of Jewish quarter is fascinating even today, with an amazing amount of curiosities that can assault passers. The most famous is "Wind Street" which location, layout and narrow scroll always causes airflow more intense than in other streets.
An area full of legend, some of them mysterious and other tragic.