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Paseo del Borne
Paseo del Borne is one of the most representative and popular spaces of Palma. It was part of the plans to restyle the city on the early nineteenth century, during the Independence War, and the best way to achieve the appearance of a European boulevard providing a European image. Designed by Madrid architect Isidro González Velázquez, holds some characteristics that kinship with the Paseo del Prado of the Spanish capital.
The walk begins at Plaza de Juan Carlos I ending at Plaza de la Reina. Both sites have a fountain, the most famous at Plaza de Juan Carlos I. Due to the ornaments is Popularly named "Turtles Place" because the obelisk rests on four iron sculptures shaped like turtles, hard to find but possible looking closely.
Walkers use it as a meeting place having a seat to watch the animated city life. Always full of people, usually young, is also the favorite place for football fans to celebrate their team titles, whether Barça, Madrid or another Spanish team.
The walk that leads to Plaza de la Reina has the appearance of a classic boulevard. Four sphinxes, two at top and two at the end are guarding the boulevard, flanked by lush trees covering the pedestrian part with a nice shade where walkers can stroll and watch the beautiful buildings on both sides. The predominant is traditional Mallorcan style. 
Ending the walk, the visitor founds Plaza de la Reina fountain, a round point without benches, opposite to Plaza de Juan Carlos I. Jardines del Rey emerges at the background with vegetation and fountains at the Almudaina Palace side with Cathedral coming up. A great visual impact, even it is a countless time image repeated on postcards.
Paseo del Borne is a busy area full of bars, restaurants and shops that invite the passerby to stop and observe the beautiful environment. Paseo del Borne and Jaime III, one of the nearby streets, is the area where major retail chains in fashion as well as large firms concentrate.