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Bellver Castle
Bellver Castle is one of the most valuable artistic and historical treasures of Mallorca and Spain. On top of a more than 120 meters hill and surrounded by a forest, the city remains under his gaze. This privileged position has meant that, historically, this castle was fortress or prison. 
Architect Pere Salvá, same that remolded Almudaina Palace, built Bellver Castle between 1300 and 1311. It began at the behest of James II, son of famous James I The Conqueror, named for being responsible of the re-Christianization of the island after the Muslim domain.
Bellver Castle had the dual purpose of being a fortress and royal residence, circumstance that conditioned its dual nature, strong and subtle. 
The contrast is obvious: the resounding outside defense with thick walls and deep moat followed by a circular inside with stylized columns and balanced pointed arches so characteristic of Gothic interior. This is one of the first European Gothic castles on having a circular courtyard; one of the few castles that show this plant design, a privilege that many people are unaware in Mallorca.
Castle of Bellver has shed all tricky components, no longer lock people today, but hosts many visitors that pass through its interior.