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Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel is one of the most emblematic buildings of Palma, built in the early twentieth century shows the particular "Belle Epoque" of Mallorca, when the island endorsed the latest aesthetic trends of European art. A time on which the island began to dawn an activity that later become the global benchmark, tourism. 
The building completed in 1903, accommodated tourists visiting the island. However, it was a very different type of tourist, people belonging to the upper class or even aristocracy demanding refined tastes. Grand Hotel was for them, and for this reason, this building is one of the most outstanding decorative level to the whole city.
Catalan architect Domènech i Muntaner with Puig i Cadafalch and Gaudi were the designers. 
Domènech i Muntaner imported to Mallorca Catalan modernism and became one of the most magnificent and interesting styles all around the continent. The special architecture that adorns Mallorca makes it a little more European.
Grand Hotel captivates everybody at the first sight due to the hard decoration facade and the richness of its frames and materials. Domènech i Muntaner used stone, ceramics and iron, he extracted countless forms: flowers, leaves, twigs, even dragons and other fantastic creatures. For European modernism, nature was a source of inspiration and Grand Hotel is a perfect example. A scrolling look at its facade discovers infinite small details. In fact, people spend time searching for new details.
Grand Hotel is an art space with a permanent exhibition of the modernist painter Anglada Camarassa. 
The ground floor has a shop specialized in art books and a bar / restaurant that allows to appreciate the fantastic architecture of the building.