Beaches / Cala Portals Vells




It is located in the municipality of Calvia. The cove is easily accessible, has parking and a small restaurant.

What makes this cove so special, besides its beauty, is its history. On your right you can see a cave whose name is Sanctuary of the Virgin of Portals Vells.

Legend has it that in the XV century, some sailors were surprised by a heavy storm. With the death in front of them, the captain and his crew promised the Virgin Mary that if they could survive and reach land, they will build a chapel in her honor at the right place they arrive. 

Upon entering the sanctuary, you can see the figure of the Virgin carved in the rocks.

Other legends say that this place was a Templar enclave before, because the images carved into the rocks are consistent with previous findings.



                               How to get there:                        GPS:   Latitud: N 39.473317 (39º 28' 23.94")

                                                                                                                         Longitud: E 2.519329 (2º 31' 9.58")


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