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Capdepera Castle
Capdepera Castle is a fortress built in 310 and rebuilt in the late fourteenth century. The importance of this castle are  their strategic views on the Balearic archipelago, and  the surrender of Menorca, ruled by Muslims. Legend has it that King James I of Aragon, ordered his entire army to move along the coast of Capdepera, visible from Menorca, and make light huge bonfires everywhere pretending to be a large army preparing to invade. This deception worked and led to the surrender of the Muslims. In this  castle  was signed the  Capdepera treaty, which allowed the Muslims, remain there under the orders of King James I of Aragon.
The castle has a chapel, with the Virgin of Hope (1569) at the time that the raids of Turkish pirates increased. Legend has it that, with the arrival of large numbers of Muslims to the coast, the castle's inhabitants took to the Virgen de la Esperanza in procession through the enclosure pleading for protection. Soon came a dense fog that was spreading throughout the country hindering the organization of Muslims and the subsequent attack. "These events are commemorated each year on 18 December, the day of Hope, feast of the patron.
You can also find a museum, "Llata" and exhibition of birds of prey where a person tells you all about them and invite you to take photographs with birds.