Beaches / Beach Cala Varques


Located at Manacor, it is 12km from Porto Cristo. It is a beautiful sandy and crystal water beach in a deeply natural environment. After a 15 or 20 minutes walk across pines and other different wild plants, the beach comes up. It is better to carry light load because it would be a great regret and even worse when returning.

There are several tents even though camping is forbidden. Some people live there and offer a "mini market" selling drinks and meals, the latter "residents" are responsible to maintaining the beach in good conditions and litter free.

As a private beach, it is normal to see cattle roaming over the fine sands of Cala Varques.



                           How to  get there:                                GPS:   Latitud: N 39 29 56.069
                                                                                                                            Longitud: E 3 17.46.856

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